ioiha_c.gif  International Outcome Inventory for Hearing Aids (IOI-HA)




The IOI-HA covers a minimal set of seven core outcome items which are sufficiently general to apply to many different types of investigations carried out in different countries in the world. The items are practically oriented and comprise a mini-profile more than a scale. It was developed at an international workshop on "Measuring Outcomes in Audiological Rehabilitation Using Hearing Aids" in Eriksholm in Denmark. The IOI-HA was not intended to replace existing outcome measures but to serve as a useful addendum to existing measures in a research context. It might potentially function as a stand alone tool for quality assessment.


Free Downloads:

Obtaining the IOI-HA

Format: The English versions of the IOI-HA files available at right and also on the ICRA website. These files are in PDF format and can be viewed, printed, and saved to your computer using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

Translations of the IOI-HA are available for free download at

The downloadable IOI-HA documents consist of 3 pages. The first two pages are an article (in English) entitled "Translations of the International Outcome Inventory for Hearing Aids (IOI-HA)". The third page is the actual questionnaire in the specified language.

Tips: For scoring purposes, responses from left to right on the page are assigned a value from 1 to 5. The values are then added. Higher scores indicate a more favorable outcome.


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Translations of the IOI-HA can be
downloaded from the ICRA website