contour_logo.png  The Contour Test



The Contour Test of loudness perception yields data describing the sound level required for each of seven categories of loudness ranging from very soft to uncomfortably loud. It was designed to be used in clinical hearing aid fitting. Evidence from research indicates that standardized measurement of loudness perception is an achievable goal for clinical practice. The Contour Test offers a viable approach to clinical measurement of loudness perception. It has good patient acceptance and combines fairly rapid administration with acceptable reliability.

Free Downloads:

Obtaining the Contour Worksheets
Format: The Contour worksheets for manual administration of the Contour Test are available to download. The files are in Microsoft Word for Windows (Version 6) format as well as PDF format.

Obtaining instructions for administering the Contour Test
Format: An information packet for administering the Contour Test is available to download. The file is in Microsoft Word for Windows (Version 6) format as well as in PDF format.

The document contains:
• Contour Test Psychological Procedure
• Instructions For Loudness Test
• Categories For Loudness
• Normal Range For Contour Test (Warble Tone Stimulus)


References: Information about the development and research regarding the Contour Test may be found in:

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