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The Word In Context Intelligibility Test (WICIT) was originally developed in 1995 as a test to quantify use of linguistic context by hearing impaired listeners. It includes high-predictability (HP) sentences and zero-predictability (ZP) sentences. HP sentences are context-rich four-word sentences. For example: “Feet have five toes.” ZP sentences are meaningless four-word combinations. For example: “Red June hay paint.”  The WICIT consists of 4 HP lists with 20 sentences (Lists 1A-4A) and four ZP lists with 20 sentences (List 1B-4B). The four ZP lists were constructed by randomizing the words within each HP list. In addition, there are 15 HP practice sentences and 15 ZP practice sentences.

The WICIT can be administered in quiet or in the presence of masking noise. The performance measure is the number of words that are repeated correctly. 


Free downloads:

Obtaining the WICIT Audio Files

Format: The downloadable WAV audio files are in a .ZIP archive file format at right.This file is 138562 Kb.

The files include 4 lists of HP sentences and 4 lists of ZP sentences; one list of HP practice sentences and one list of ZP practice sentences; unmodulated talker-matched masking noise; and a 1000 Hz calibration tone. Details regarding the audio files and the sentence lists are provided in the downloadable manual at right.


 How to Cite the WICIT

Cox, RM., Taylor, IM., and Gray, GA. "The Word in Context Intelligibility Test (WICIT)". Presented at the American Academy of Audiology Annual Convention, Dallas, TX, March, 1995.

Miller, M., and Cox, R. "Word In Context Intelligibility Test (WICIT) normative data and comparison to other tests." Presented at the Au.D. Student Research Colloquium, Memphis, TN, April, 2011.


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